working, writing, and school… oh my!

OK, so it’s been a while since my last post… throw pencils at me. (not sharpened, please. Hey, I said please didn’t I???) But things have been – well, can you say – bi-zay. I haven’t been able to blog in a while, but have manage to hold my head up with my critique groups for the most part. WHEW!

I have a great question… HOW DO YOU JUGGLE IT ALL??? I mean I was in a grove. Had the whole… housework, family happy, going to work, keeping the boys at all their practices, and having EVERY crit in on time, oh and don’t forget school is in there somewhere… thing going. And then, BAM! ZAP! KA-POW! Sickness, crazy practices, and more sickness, and then add sickness. Did I mention sick??? (weak, pathetic laugh) ha. And boy is my world (and head) spinning. But I got the kids better and going again and then it hits me. Down for the count.

But believe it or not. WOW! I’m not giving in and I’ve been writing. Although all will see if it makes sense when I come completely out of my fog. teehee. AND I’m keeping up with my school. WooHoo! Finished up my second assignment tonight and will be mailing off tomorrow.

But really how do you do it??? Am I alone out here and am the only one who fumbles from time to time? I doubt it. haha. At least there’s hope. Hope that it all comes back together and you stay a float (even if barely), and that all becomes well with the universe again.


And fwiw!!! I had thought I had posted this a few weeks ago! oops! My bad, right? haha. OK, posting for real now. Told you my head was in a fog.

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