Being busy

Hello all.

Just so you know. I have a new page to the side, titled “my trip”. Hubby and I went to NYC for the 4th. Wow, I’m still pumped from it. We did so much, but still didn’t do all we wanted too. haha. How much can one city have?!? We packed as much as we could though. My feet protested for two days after we got home. I want to go back already. *teehee* What can I say… once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker. Be sure to check out my page though. I even managed to put up pictures. *don’t faint here* No, they’re not arranged exactly the way I wanted them to be, but hey, I got them up. Which I was totally pleased with myself.

I’ve been busy writing too. Yeah! I’ve gotten some of my older mss to come alive. Get that dust off! Woohoo! I even got a story out that I’ve been playing around with for I don’t know how long in my head. I just couldn’t get it down on paper. It wouldn’t come out at all. So I’ve been playing with it… over and over in my head. Finally, FINALLY to get it out and down on paper. WHEW!

I wonder… do other writers do that? I’m sure there are some that do. May be a majority even. At least I know it’s worth persuing. If an idea sticks in my head, I’ll get it out… eventually. *cough, cough*

So here I am. Enjoying summer. Getting psyched! Feeling inspired by being in one of the heartbeats of the publishing industries. It’s a great feeling. This year has already been great to me and my writing. And think, I still have half of it waiting to unfold. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be doing more snoopy dances as the year progresses.

Enjoy your writing journey!

Best wishes,

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