WHO… do you write for?

Here’s a grand question I think every writer should be able to tell, needs to be able to actually.

When you write, you should write for a targeted audience. You wouldn’t want to write a 25,000 word story for a kindergartener say. They would NEVER sit through it. Okay, there may be an exception (after all there always is one to every rule, right???), but in the main stream the answer is NO.

By targeting an age group it will help focus your writing. It helps on word count, how you’ll address your readers, and even what you are writing about. And it will also help you decide what publishing house to pursue in your quest of publication.

So, WHO do I write for?

Well, I could go all noble on you and still tell the truth (cheesy grin here), and say… ‘It’s for the little ones’. And that’s the truth, really. I know by focusing on the children’s genre I have a chance to shape the future. A book is a powerful thing. Words are a powerful thing in and of themselves. Put it in black and white and pah-zow-oh! I have seen books help someone who has lost someone dear… from a parent or sibling or a close friend or relative… to a cherished family pet. I’ve watched books open a child mind and get them to explore things that didn’t interests them before. Or help them overcome a situation in their lives like substance abuse or inappropriate touching. I’ve witness a child laugh or cry, because of what they are reading. Shoot, I’ve done those things myself. And I could go on and on and on….. about it. Books are powerful. The pen is mightier than the sword… !!!

But there is another side… I write for me! Yes, there, I said it. hahahaha. Selfish? Maybe. But it’s the truth. I love to write a new manuscript and watch a story take shape and jump to life. I like learning more indepth facts about things I’m interested in. I even enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. I absolutely love writing for children. Secretly, I know it’s because I’m still just a kid at heart. I refuse to grow up. And boy do my kids know that!

So, it’s I guess it’s fair to say it’s a little for them and a little for me.

And THAT’s why I write.


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