INTERVIEW: Lynda S. Burch

Hello all.

I’m pleased to post my first interview. I have the privilage to be working with Lynda as she is my editor.
Guardian Angel is an online ebook publishing house. You can purchase their books by visiting You can also down load their stories on you iPhone or iPodTouch at .

I want to send a big THANKS to Lynda for being my first guinea pig… er, I mean guest on my blog.




Lynda S. Burch, Publisher

Guardian Angel Publishing

A Glimpse into an eBook Publishing Company


Q::: Could you give us some background on you as a person?
I am an author, an editor, a publisher, a mother, wife and a grandmother, in order or importance. I have experiences in so many jobs that you would think I’m a flake. But I like to think I’m well rounded. JI feel sometimes like that old Sinatra song “I’ve been a puppet- a poet- a pawn and a king.” My Dad made the mistake of saying I could be anything I wanted so I took his advice. I was offered music scholarships but turned them down. I sang, played the piano, organ and three clarinets; alto, Bb and the tiny soprano which I’m not sure they even make anymore.
I started out as an English major in college but switched to Biology and Chemistry and started my first job at a large chemical company in research and development. They sent me for training in Pathology at Washington University Medical School then I moved into biological research in environmental health. Since then I have been a photographer, talent agent, in real estate for over twenty years and a R.E. broker since ‘93.
I’ve finally landed where I’m meant to be.


Q:::A writer?
A:::I always wrote stories and won contests and had stories tumbling around in my head for years and finally decided to put the words on paper. When I sent my son off to college I took over his computer and taught myself how to use it. I killed it in a storm with a bad surge protector. And set one on fire since then.  I wrote my first 130,000 word suspense novel (Edge of Paradise) in three months and over polished it for the next year. 
I had always made up songs for the kids and started writing them down with the computer so I wouldn’t forget them. The kids’ songs turned into books when I began shooting photos for them and turned into my musical kids books for the computer. I still have over a hundred of them to publish when I get the timeJ over 20 of them are published now at Writers Exchange and GAP.


Q:::An editor?
A:::I had done some editorial work over the years and wrote lots of SOP manuals for the lab work so the editing came easy for me although punctuation has changed considerably over time.



Q:::Why did you decide to go into eBook publishing?
A:::Basically, because no one knew what to do with my musical eBooks. I’d created a genre of kids’ books that the traditional publishing houses knew nothing about. They thought eBooks were a flash in the pan. I got great responses for the creativity of my “unusual” books but “Duh. We don’t know what to do with them” So I learned how to market them myself.

Q:::Can you tell us a little bit about Guardian Angel Publishing?
A:::I incorporated Guardian Angel Publishing in fall 2004 as a sole owner privately held company. I wanted to know the business in every aspect so I built and maintain the website, learned how to market, how to format the books in the various forms they are sold in. I started taking on other authors and artists in Fall 2005 and the progression of company development grew from there. I started with eBooks, added CDs for computers, then print books and now DVD book videos where the author reads the book that can be played on TV.
Our eBook downloads have grown from HTML, FLIP, PDF, Mobipocket, LIT, Palm

Q:::What is the process of being accepted by G.A.P.?
A:::I only take emailed submissions. (No paper; for ease of commenting and editing.) The story has to really grab me. Most poetry doesn’t work for me unless it is exceptional. I can usually tell before finishing the first page if it will work. Nice tight writing, good paragraph structure, educational or moral example teaching will always get my attention. Sometimes we read to kids or if they can read we have them read it.

Q:::What is the process writers can expect once accepted? 
A:::Once a book is accepted and polished until it shines, it sits in queue waiting for an artist. I assign artists one story at a time so they are not overwhelmed and I make sure that the artist can “see” the story and the author appreciates the artist’s style when matching them up. It might take up to a year, maybe less to see the work finally published.  I usually have 12-15 completed books in the ready to publish stack that are complete with art.

A:::Our illustrators are the lifeline of the publishing industry for children. They make the words come to life in often spectacular ways. I turn away five times as many artists as I take on. 

Q::: How many titles does Guardian Angel Publishing currently have?   
A:::I think somewhere around 65 and we are publishing 4 a month this year.

Q:::How many are coming out?
A:::That’s a harder number to come up with since we have contracted with so many series books. One series alone has the potential for 60 books and we’ve contracted for 12 of them.

Q:::What do you believe is the best writing advice you can give someone?
A:::I believe everyone has a story they can tell and the best place to start is write the words. Put it on paper (or computer) but write it down.

Q:::What do you think the future is for eBooks?
A:::I think the future is with eBooks. I’ve thought so from the beginning for me since about 1996. Paper books will go away with advent of technology- its just a matter of time.

Q:::Where do you envision Guardian Angel Publishing eBooks going in 5 to 10 years?
A:::I think GAP will be doing great things in the future as we continue to grow and develop and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish.

Q:::Is there anything else you would like to add?

A:::Guardian Angel Publishing and its authors and artists are an inspiration. I feel blessed to have begun this journey with this great group of “Angels”.


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