WHAT do you write

Although this could be covered under the who section, I think “what” could delve deeper.

What could be your inner voice. Your voice is what age level your ms come across as. Some writers have a fixed voice… me for instance. I’ve been learning to grow up a bit (hahaha, only a bit though) and find an older voice to write with.

Again this bounces back to the who you are writing for category. If I’m writing a picture book aimed at 5-6 year olds (kindergarten or 1st grade tops) my voice or WHAT I’m writing about will sound different in my writing then when I’m writing for 10-12 year olds (4th-6th graders). I could be covering the same subject mind you, but WHAT I write in the text would be dictated by the age I’m targeting and my voice would be different for each.

I am also going to pass on some old but tried and true advice…

“Write what you know.”

Seriously. It’s one thing you’ll hear over and over and over again with writers. I’ve seen WHAT I’m writing about change as my life changes. Mostly by what my kids are going through. hahaha. They tend to be my inspiration a lot. When I started writing my oldest was 7, the middle one was 5, and my youngest was just born. Now I have two teenagers and the little one will be 9 in a month. YIKES!!! But see how much time has elapsed and imagine just WHAT all I’ve experienced with my children in those few short years. WHAT I learned and know about now has definitely changed. And so has my writing in several way.

What I write about and what you write about are two separate animals. No one writes the same, just as no two people take away the same experience from something they’ve shared together. That’s the beauty of writing to me. WHAT I write… even if we had the same idea… and what you write will be totally different.

Have fun discovering WHAT you are writing about. I do.


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