Helping Out a Fellow Writer…

Hey everyone.

I have a writing friend/critique partner/buddy that I would like to give a shout out to…

Jennifer Gladen, is one special lady that I know. HEY JEN!!! She has a new e-zine (online magazine) called MY LIGHT Magazine. She sent me a blurb and I wanted to forward. If you can help THANKS!!! If you want to read more about Jennifer, you can find a link to her blog under my ‘writers’ links on the right side of this blog.—> —> —>

Best to all,

Hey everyone,
 Below is a blurb and a link all about iSearchiGive.  When you select My Light as your cause and begin using the iGive search engine, My Light earns cash. In less than a month – with just me –I’ve earned over $1.00 – I know, I know. It’s not much at all, but it could be more if other people searched along with us. That’s why I’m sending the link and the blurb.  So here it is:

We invite you to begin using every time you search the web. Each search means $0.01 for our cause and while the numbers may seem small at first, we all search the web hundreds of times every month, and our combined efforts can truly add up. And since it’s powered by (a site that has been helping causes raise money online since 1997), we know it’s not just a flash in the pan!

Try it today – it’s free!

Jennifer Gladen,
Editor, My Light Magazine
Author of A Star in the Night (Guardian Angel Publishing Summer 2008)


2 thoughts on “Helping Out a Fellow Writer…

  1. Keep using igive, and for an even greater impact, create and use your own personal fundraising page at (also free)!

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