Just write

I’ve been asked all the “who, what, when, where, why” questions and now you get an idea on the low-down from me. All that is my reason, my opinion and it will vary from one writer to the next. That’s what makes us different with our writing and how we approach a topic and how it develops and where it will take us and where it will end. *WHEW!*

But seriously, when you have an idea do this simple step:

Don’t worry if it sounds right. Don’t worry if it’s not in chronicle order. Don’t worry if all your characters don’t have names. Don’t worry about anything, but getting your idea in writing. Just write.

Some of my best ideas come from snipets that I write down. I have a folder (named: IDEAS) and I keep all my confused thoughts *hahaha* in there. Some of them have been there for a while, others not so much. BUT all the same, they may come in handy one day and I’ll use them in a story that I write. Or I might use those ideas for the basis of a story.

Ideas are just that, a jumping off point. Where you’ll go next is up to you. Fiction, non-fiction, short story, mid-grade, magazine piece. See? The possibilities go on and on. The main thing is to always be open to those ideas and when they strike… catch them.


One thought on “Just write

  1. I do this too. I keep an online list of “favorite sayings” “quotes” “character names” etc. I’m writing a four-part blog post about this sort of thing, called Commitment to the Craft. You might want to stop by my blog and see if any of the tips, hints, ideas are any help.

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