Reflecting on September 11th

Today is a somber day. For those of you that don’t know, this is the day that America was attacked by terrorists. But out of the tragedy came hope. For the first time, I saw people caring about each other across the country, not in just one part here or there. There was a UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

This day has touched me. I watched in terror as the World Trade Center buildings fell. I couldn’t fathom what was happening, why it was happening. And then came the other two attacks.

I didn’t loose anyone personally that day. But a lady I knew, we were in the same critique group then, lost a relative. I had a connection with those buildings. They were there for as long as I could remember. And in a silly way, meant something to me. WHY? would someone from south Georgia feel that way? I know I can hear some of you asking the question. Those who know me know I’m from New York. Rochester, but always a New Yorker!!!

I never made it to NYC before the buildings collapsed, but my hubby and I went for the 4th of July this year. And yes, we visited the WTC site. I think, no I know, that was the most sentimental part of the trip for me.

I have some pictures posted on my ‘my trip’ page of the visit, but I wanted to post those that I took near the WTC site here. I couldn’t get close to the actual site. There is construction going on now as they are building again. I can understand why they don’t want pictures taken there. But I did get a few snap shots of the area.

  NYC WTC Site  

Reflection Park

Reflection ParkWTC Site Construction Gate

                                                                                                                                         WTC Site Gate
WTC Memorial Gallery

WTC Memorial Gallery


Ladder 10 NYFD

Ladder 10 NYFD

Ladder 10 Memorial Plaque

Ladder 10 Memorial Plaque

Me & One of the Boys
Me & One of the Boys
I also have a poem I would like to share. I wrote it back in 2001. It’s on my website… but I’ll c&p it here for you to see:
I wear this ribbon upon
my chest
Close to my heart to
show the rest
That I won’t forget the
ones who were lost
They paid with their lives,
the ultimate cost
It’s for the cries of
thousands without a sound
And for the cries of
a country when the buildings
came down
To show that when the
dust settled and cleared
A faint song is what you
could hear
As the days pass the song
does grow
You can see it, hear it where
ever you go
The bells around the world
for freedom ring
Voices can be heard for
freedom they sing
For once America is a
country united we stand
The song rings out from a
freedom land
So for the people from the
tragedy of a Tueday morn
You didn’t die in vain, our
country was reborn.

by Tracey M. Cox (2001)

Again. Thank you for those who keep going day after day. Here at home and across the world.

Today is a day that will never be forgotten.


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