Baby Steps… my personal journey continues

Hey all.

I am totally beside myself this morning. After a weekend of not feeling good at all! (god love allergies, cuz I DON”T!) I was surprised to see something in my inbox this morning…

My editor, Lynda with Guardian Angel Publishing, sent me an artist sample for my ebook to approve. And…………………………………

……………………………………………drum roll please

!!!   I LOVED IT   !!!

And yes, I got a little weepy eyed! *sniff, sniff* It was what I had pictured in my head, and maybe a little more.    :^D     BIG GRIN from me here.

Now I’m signing the artist/author contract and holding my breath. It will still be a few more months until I have my baby to show the world. But now I’ve got a date in my head. I’m hoping for a Christmas baby. hahaha. I almost am. How about a Happy Birthday present to me. ***teehee***

The ones who know me, know how long I’ve been at this and how hard I’ve tried. I know they will be cheering me on in the coming months too. For those of you who aren’t quite as familiar with me. I’ve been writing professionally since the beginning of 2000! Yep, almost nine years. I’ve gotten several magazine credits and have had a few oh-so-close times with getting a printed book published.

Now, NOW here I am. Within a few months of being able to show my grandfather what he started on those oh-so-long-ago nights. When he told his grandaughter about some frogs and some lightening bugs, and the girl with golden hair, the other one who liked wearing a red hood, and don’t forget about the bears and a boy who just had to climb. And SOOOOOOO many, many more.

Thanks Papa!


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps… my personal journey continues

  1. Thanks Shari!!

    My title is:

    “Shaping Up the Year”

    It is a concept book dealing with shapes and colors. I’m aiming at toddlers to K-4 thru K-5 who are learning colors and shapes. It shows them that there are shapes that make up everyday things in the world we live.


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