Writing Contests

hello fellow writers out in cyber-world. I thought I would post some contests I’ve ran across. Maybe it will help get your writing mojo on?! Yea, Baby!


Highlights Contest
Theme: Contemporary world-cultures stories.
Length: Up to 800 words (up to 500 words for younger children)
Target Age: Up to 12
Prize: $1000
Entry Fee: None
Entry Deadline: Send between January 1 and January 31, 2009

Note: The url above doesn’t say HIGHLIGHTS because I plugged the 113character HIGHLIGHTS url into tinyurl so I could make one that would fit on here. It still takes you to HIGHLIGHTS.


Contest for Article or Short Story
Focus: transportation
Reader Age: teen
length: Up to 2000 words
Prize: $1000
Entry Fee: none
Deadline: January 15, 2009

Good writing & Good Luck!

One thought on “Writing Contests

  1. Resolutions

    Another year has come and gone,
    this is the time we make goals for ourselves.
    Resolutions that we fail to keep that are,
    just another way of lying to ourselves.
    Plans to lose weight and not stay up late,
    that we will save money and spend less,
    and not make our lives a terrible mess.
    That we will be more peaceable,
    and not always feel we’re right.
    That we will admit to our wrongs,
    and not try to fight.
    That we will try hard to live and not die,
    that we will be truthful and not lie.
    That we will love and not hate,
    that we will be early not late.

    Why do we fool ourselves,
    into making resolutions?
    Because…we are human.

    © Eve Hall 12-31-08

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