I think this is the hardest part for me. THE WAITING!!! I know I will hunt the postman down to see if I have a response. Esp. if it’s one that I think has a very good chance.

So, what to do??? Get busy. Simply putting it. Definitely get busy. Strongly put. *wink, wink* Work on another story or article. Do some research. Read some books. Do anything you can to keep your mind from going crazy.

I have found that this can be my most productive time. But I have to work at it. It doesn’t come naturally and who doesn’t like instant gratification? But seriously considering how slow the publishing world really does move, you MUST have patients. The end result will give you a yes or no. Another simply put statement. But that’s the life of a writer.

2 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Who likes waiting? Not me! The only thing that keeps me sane while I wait on my submissions is the phrase:

    The secret to being patient is to find something to do in the mean time.

    Looks like you already had that figured out though!

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