Feeling Honored…

Hello everyone.

East Central Technical College, a college in my area, was taking  submissions from local writers for an annual anthology they put out. Well, I subbed and got accepted.  WOW!

This past Tuesday they held a ceremony for the ones who were accepted. It was a great experience. I learned that they had over 100 subs from the area. They had the Black Water Project from Valdosta State University do the judging and selecting. Really cool. I had a good time listening to some of the entries as they were read. I also recieved a certificate! Now to frame. hahaha.

traceyatawardsceremonygettingcertificate          traceyatawardsceremony

I also recieved a copy of the book! Yep, they already have it printed!!!!

traceyatawardsceremonywithbook       bookcover

I’ve got the cover of this book and my upcoming ebook posted on my webpage too.  I feel so very honored being recognized in my community.

I just had to share!!! Here’s to all of you hearing some good news and getting acceptances too! 


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