www Wednesday

Hey there everyone.

Wednesday will be dedicated to www. Yep, the ever-so-famous World Wide Web. Why? you may ask. Quite simply because if it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t be the writer that I am. I live in a small town. I’m talking about 2 traffic light small! ~hahaha~ But that’s okay. My closest neighbors are cows and unfortunately they are the kind that type. *Yes, children’s picture book pun was intended*

Way back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (or at least that’s what my kids think), when I decided to write professionally I didn’t have a group of writers in my area. I didn’t know about all the wonderful books out there that can help writers find their place. BUT I did know about the internet! *ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! insert spot light onto your computer here*  So once the kiddies were asleep, I went to the puter and typed this into my search engine: “How to write a children’s book”, hit Search, and held my breath.

Naturally SEVERAL of the links were to self-publish. I didn’t want to do that. Plus it cost roughly &10,000 to publish your first run of picture books. Now that is some serious MOO-LAH folks! I waded through the links. When I saw they wanted my money I back tracked and went to the next link. *Nope, I don’t give up easy. Hard head genes. haha* Finally, FINALLY! I found a great web site. Would you believe I still use it?!!? I do. And I want to pass this gem on to you. Book mark it, it has tones of resources and information that is constantly being updated.

Harold Underdown’s
Writing, Illustrating, and Publishing
Children’s Books: The Purple Crayon

I can’t stress to you how much I have learned from this one website. He also has a book out, which you can read all about on his website.

Mr. Underdown’s input comes from as an insider’s source. See, he has been an editor in several publishing houses and offers  professional critique services.

Can you say love, love, LOVE it? I knew you could.

Now I’ll quit yapping here, so you can click and explore over there. Don’t forget to bookmark him. He updates editor happenings often!

Til Later,

One thought on “www Wednesday

  1. Hi Tracey! Totally relate. We actually now have a blinking light in addition to our one traffic light. LOL. I started out using Harold’s website also, and I do still return to it now and again.

    I hope you’re well–and congrats on all the success!

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