Finally Friday…

Okay. Must work on a better theme for Fridays. haha. But hey, it’s the weekend and I’ve got weekend brain. ;^p

Don’t have my ducks in a row. So how about I just share in on my latest news with my writing…

Ribbert’s Way Home is now available!!!! Guardian Angel Publishing is publishing Ribbert and here is the cover art:

Did you know that Ribbert started my writing career? Yep. Wow, it’s been a long time. haha. I was so excited when Shaping Up the Year came out. With Ribbert’s Way Home… well, it’s actually unexplainable. It’s kind of like watching my oldest graduate High School and then start college. You think back to their first day of Kindergarden and then look at them now. Woah! What a change. Look how far they have come. And I can relate to just how far I’ve come as a writer. WOW!

I will be doing Author Visits next week too. Two of them!!!! SUPER-UBER-EXCITED.

Thanks for letting me share.

Til next time,

2 thoughts on “Finally Friday…

  1. Great! You’ve got it going on now, Sis. Tracey! Yeah, you might want to slow it down and do some creative thinking for your blog’s title. Come on, now. You can do it. I mean, you’re a published writer, after all! LOL (just kidding).

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I still haven’t washed my hand! bip, bump, bip, bump, bip, bump (oh, that’s my heart still pitter-pattering from the excitement of shaking hands with a “real, live author”!) Love you and your family!

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