Tips on a Tuesday

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would give a great tip on Tuesdays.

One thing I’ve heard every writer say is “Write what you know”.
But what if you are unsure about what you know.
I mean come on, I’m no wiz at a lot of subjects. I don’t have a PHD or anything of the like.
So how am I to be an expert at something and write about it???? !!!  ???

It’s quite simple. Do you like to garden? Paint? Write? Draw? How about roller-skate? Or snowboard? Maybe you like to find Sea Glass? Or take care of your Gold Fish?
All these you can write a non-fiction article on or weave into a storyline for a longer manuscript.

You can also look around you and find inspiration. The leaves are falling right now in my yard. And I mean THEY. ARE. FALLING! I no longer have a yard. It’s more like a leaf carpet… hmm, wonder if there was another world under those leaves. Then when you kick them up you are transported as they cascade around you?
Or maybe there is a pattern to them and you can only cross the yard a certain way to get to the treasure that’s been left in the mailbox?

See. Inspiration! Gotta love it.

There are other things out there to help you out too. I’m participating in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Ideas Month). The object is to read this blog and then go with the idea that they give you. You don’t have to write a complete story. You can write down an idea, title, characters, plot, setting… you get the picture. Here’s the link:

So if you’re stumped, or just want to have some fun with the rest of us crazy writers, come on over and participate with me.
Let me know if you do and maybe we can trade ideas and keep each other motivated.

Happy writing!
Til next time,



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