Tips on a Tuesday

Hello all.

I’ve been pondering over a good tip for today.
I want to share a little secret of mine. So lean in a listen closely. Okay, are you listening???

Read what you write OUTLOUD!

What?!? THAT’S my secret!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep. Short, sweet, and to the point. A lot like me. hahaha! But seriously reading what you write outloud is a simple step that a lot of people don’t take. Don’t even think about.

People think…. But I’ve gone over my ms 50 million times already. I’ve used a fine tooth comb on every sentence structure. I have gotten rid of week words, run ons, misspellings, and all that other… STUFF! So why should you read outloud? Because you will hear what you wrote. REALLY.

Think about this this way. You read silently most of the time you brain will jump ahead of you and guess what… Your brain puts words in, takes words out, and will even go over misspellings and not catch them. Example:

Msot plepoe wlil be albe to raed tihs and be able to mkae out waht I’m sainyg altohugh it’s wrnog.

Our brain fixes things. Now READ what you write OUTLOUD. If the sentence doesn’t flow, you’ve left out a word, put one too many words, need to take a breath, and yes- even misspellings will jump out at you!!!! You will actually stutter over yourself and pause. Or you may pause and go back over and reread that. When this happens… YAY! You are making your brain slow down and process the information more than just scanning. When you read outloud you used sight and sound to help the process out.

amaz-aze-aze-aze-zing! And who would have thunk it. HA!

So, slow down and enjoy what you write. Even if it’s not poetry, you will hear it roll off your tongue when it is done well.

Til next time,


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