FreePass Friday

Hello all.

Okay, I FINALLY have an idea for Fridays. WoooHooo for me. haha. How would you like an insiders look into other writers / illustrators and *crossing fingers here* agents / editors lives?!? Yep, that’s my idea. I am hoping to have one of the above here every other Friday as I give them a little interview and hopefully will be able to take on some questions from the rest of you.

SOOOOOOOOO, do I have any guinea pigs *cough, cough* I mean takers????? ***looking around to see if any hands are going up*** I promise to be nice. :~D

If you are courageous and generous enough, you can pm me on FB or you can email me at (tracey at traceymcox dot com). Put FreePass Friday interview in the subject line and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I think this will be great as my readers can see how other people in this crazy industry function and I’ll let you give some self promo too! Win-Win!!!

Thanks all,


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