Monday Marketing

How to market yourself??? That is a good question. I’ll be honest here, I’m STILL learning.

While you have your manuscript out, you really need to have an online presence. When you start networking, your name gets out there and becomes more recognizable. Here are something I have done:

  1. Get onto writing forums. There are plenty out there that range from beginners all the way to advanced. But let me forewarn you, watch what you say. There are editors, other writers, and agents on these boards. Smearing someone on these boards not only will get you banned, but will give you a bad name.
  2. Open a FaceBook page, MySpace (yes, it still exsists), FlapJacket, Twitter, and any other networking forums you might use. The reason why you should get your page on all of these??? It’s your name. You want to be the one to represent it! Don’t let someone else out there grab it before you do. OR you could be like me, there is another writer out there that has my name and is published! The big difference is she writes for adults and I write for children.
  3. Get into organizations and attend conferences. What better way to meet other people who DO what you do AND get it! Plus, plus, plus you get to rub elbows with editors, agents, and published authors and illustrators.

There are many more ways to begin to get your name out there. I just put up my top three. HECK! Start your own blog even. HA!!!! People love to see how others do things. It helps to know that you are not alone in what you are going through and how you feel about it.

Hope you begin to get your name out there and show others just what you are made of.
Talk to you later,


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