Monday Marketing

Marketing…  Now say you have a contract, but guess what??? It can still take YEARS before your book is in print.

DO NOT sit on your thumbs and do nothing during this time. I’ve talked about getting your name out there before. Well, NOW is definitely the time to do something. WHY? Because you are going to want people to be able to find you, learn about you and your books, and hopefully invite you to come to their business, school, and organizations.

NOW is the time to start deciding how you want to present yourself to the public’s eye. Be professional. Be aware of what you say, EVEN ON FACE BOOK! There are many, many, many… I said many, right??? times I would like to say something, but I have to think about my public appearance. Schools wouldn’t want to invite someone who doesn’t seem to have control over their own mouth. Not only that, children are on these networks, visit you website and blogs, and believe it or not they do listen to what you are saying. Then there are you equals, other writers and illustrators are out there. Think how you would feel working with someone who lets it all out there. Not to say the least that there are editors and agents that will check you out to see what kind of person you are. YIKES!

It is NEVER to early to begin marketing yourself. Giving yourself a professional image, is nothing to bat your eye at.

Just think things through and begin letting the world know who you are and what you are capable of as a writer.

Til next time…

Best wishes,


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