Monday Marketing

I want to touch on something that I’m beginning to learn about. *what in the world could that be???* I find myself learning new things everyday. You never stop learning. So now lets get down into what I’m talking about…


Specifically, Skype visits. I read on several authors and illustrators that travel the country, yes you read that right – COUNTRY!!!, doing author visits. But not every school can afford travel, hotel, meals, plus author visit fees. So how can you approach them????

THROUGH SKYPE! You can have the luxury of visiting schools all across the nation… wait a minute, let’s look big here – THE WORLD!… and yet still have the convenience of never leaving you home.

  •  So what am I looking into exactly? Well, set up of course. I’m sure pjs are out of the question. 😦  *haha*
  • Fees – are the norm out there charging. And if so, how much?
  • What do they offer? Do they do readings? Have certain subjects they talk about? Sing and dance? WHAT!
  • How do they approach the schools?
Why am I putting a list like this together? Well, to be prepared of course. I want to be as professional about this venue as possible. I have already begun looking into it and plan on doing an interview with a colleague of mine to help you and me out. It never hurts to ask advice and remember… There are no dumb questions.
The point of the matter is to always think outside the box. You never know just how far it can go.
Till next time,

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