Double Dipping today

OKay, you all will get a double dose of me today. *ahahahahhahahaaaa* Good thing I’m not going to be sweet this time. So you don’t have to worry about rotting your teeth out.

Perhaps you haven’t read or heard about Wall Street Journals post on Young Adult literature. *and the one who has written the article is really taking a snide remark on that  statement*  The article is based on a mother going into a bookstore wanting to buy her child a book and coming out empty-handed because everything is too dark. This woman was looking at the Young Adult section… for her “13” year old daughter. Let me state that again…

13 year old daughter

Okay, call me ‘old-fashioned’, but WHY wasn’t she looking in a more appropriate age??? Umm, like MID-GRADE!!!! Now I know some children that young will read some YA books, but as an adult…. HECK, AS A PARENT… you still have control over what that child does/doesn’t do. Which I know is why that mother walked out empty handed. BUT did she even look at the mid-grade section??? I don’t know. The article doesn’t steer in that direction.

Instead the first and second (yes, there has been two articles printed now) articles basically trash YA talking about the “dark, edgy” topics that shouldn’t be touched. I know the majority of Americans do not have it bad, but what about the ones that do? Shouldn’t their voices be heard too? Don’t you (even as an adult) want to know you are not alone??? Should the genre be run amuck with dark, edgy topics? NO! OF COURSE NOT! There needs to be balance. There are plenty of books out there that ARE NOT dark and edgy just open your eyes and look.

WHY am I being so focused on this today??? you may ask? Well, my picture book, SHAPING UP THE YEAR, has been criticized and totally not supported (BANNED in other words) by two groups for two totally different reasons.
The first group, a book group, said that they would not support or promote my book because it has HALLOWEEN in it. The reason was because I was supporting a satanic cult and should be ashamed of myself. WHAT?!? It’s a picture of a child with a sheet over it’s head, holding a pumpkin bucket to get some treats. When SHAPING UP HALLOWEEN comes out,  I still will not go the route I have been accused of!
The second group, a state wide organization, refused to let me into preschools because the book had CHRISTMAS and EASTER in it!!!!! MIND YOU, IT ALSO HAS HANUKAH, KWANZAA, & THE CHINESE NEW YEAR! The Christmas picture has a Christmas Tree in it and Easter has eggs. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked the pr person if they had a problem with the other holidays and they said, ‘No.’ So I said that it was just a thing about the Christian holidays then… Stuttering ensued. Now when SHAPING UP CHRISTMAS & SHAPING UP EASTER come out THEN  they can say it is Christian.  Because it will be and I’m proud of it!

My main point is NOT to be one sided people. Yes, there are books printed EVERY YEAR that shouldn’t be. That’s where you as an ADULT and a PARENT needto step up! Stop being your child’s “BBF” and be the parent that you are supposed to be. Get mad at me if you want, but it does go back to home life. Which in part goes full circle to the beginning of my post… Not all home life is great. There is a need for the dark, edgy YA. Don’t stand in judgment until you’ve walked into some of their shoes, because some of those children are no longer children. They are more adult than some of the adults I know because of what they have gone through. And it goes back to do not judge, until you have been judged.

OKay, stepping off my soap box now. I’m going to hide it again because it’s kind of heavy and I really hate dragging it out. Thus only do so when I feel I REALLY need to.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this people. EVEN IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME.

All my best,

One thought on “Double Dipping today

  1. im 13 and i kinda agree with you that a lot of stuff is really dark but if you read a lot (like me) then you get bored of the kids section pretty fast. you just have to work harder to find good YA books that are not about vampires or getting pregnant at 16.

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