Tips On A Tuesday…

Hello all.

Welcome to Tips On A Tuesday. Today I thought of a tip that can be confusing in a sense and would like to shed some light on it…

Story Boarding

Yep, I said the dreaded two words. Believe you me it will help you move your story along, help see how the pacing is going, help you see how many scenes you have too.
Now for picture books, the standard is 32 pages.  so you can get a piece of paper (or several in fact) and draw 16 square -rectangles- on it. Each block will represent a scene in your story.

[page 1 is your title page]

[page 2 is your information page – ie publisher, ISBN #, copyright date]
[page 3 your story begins]

[page 4 is for a scene change]
[page 5 is for a scene change]

[page 6 is for a scene change]
[page 7 is for a scene change]

[page 8 is for a scene change]
[page 9 is for a scene change]

[page 10 is for a scene change]
[page 11 is for a scene change]

[page 12 is for a scene change]
[page 13 is for a scene change]

[page 14 is for a scene change]
[page 15 is for a scene change]

[page 16 your story ends]

These pages are laid out so that page 1 is on the right and then they are grouped together. 2 w/3, 4w/5… and on. Now if you have a new scene change on each page it is called a single page layout,  but if you illustration spreads over both pages, it is call a double page spread. Your story will end on the left hand side of the book. Sometimes there aren’t even words. There might only be a drawing of some sorts to tie up the story.

If you find you are lacking for scenes, you have to face the decision of two things.

  1. you story is not a picture book, with out enough scenes it very well may be a magazine article
  2. you need to rewrite and flesh out the story to include additional scenes

But that is really left up to you the writer. After all, it is your baby. Hopefully that will shed some light on pacing and how to make sure your illustration opportunities are there.

Good luck writing,

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