Thinking Thursday… building up story characters

Hey there everyone.  Hope you are ready to get your thinking caps back on with me.

Today I thought I would try to help get those writing juices flowing by working on characters. Who is that character, what has happened to them, where are the going, when did this take place, why – just why, and how are they going to over come?

Great questions, but where to get the character. Well, why not real life. Now I’m not saying to use your Aunt Susie’s sisters daughters cousin. No, no way infact. I’m mean do you really want your whole family coming down on you??? No, I didn’t think so. So, what you need to do is go for a walk, take a bus ride, go to the store, anywhere where there are people. Now, choose a stranger and imagine just on looks what is going on with them.

Yes, I’m basically asking you to judge a book on it’s cover… ban me. *hahaha* But really and truly. This is a safe way to find characters and who knows WHAT story will explode out of your description.

Have fun!!!


One thought on “Thinking Thursday… building up story characters

  1. Creating characters is always tricky, isn’t it? When I’m inventing a persona I generally tend to allow them to develop with the story but that doesn’t, of course, overcome the need to generate a ‘shell’ for them to inhabit. Using what you find in real life is probably about the easiest and best way to achieve this. In fact this can actually lead to the creation of a whole story. Where you say ‘choose a stranger and imagine just on looks what is going on with them’ could form the basis of a whole book, let alone a chapter or a character. A man on the train, sitting precisely on the edge of his seat, neatly dressed and looking totally in control for himself, for instance. This actually formed the basis of my character ‘Mr. George’ in ‘Ferryman’. The world around us is definitely a great place for inspiration, if only we take the time to look…

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