Tips on a Tuesday

Good morning all.

Following my post on FaceBook… I thought I would post on being open.

As an artist (yes, writers are artists. :0D) , you have to be open to your surroundings and bring what you see, hear, smell, feel into your work.

As everyone knows, I’m participating in the 12x12x12 challenge this year. That’s where we will write 12 complete first drafts in 12 months of 2012. Which doesn’t seem like much? Or maybe it seems like a lot???

For January, my inspiration came from a birthday card I rec’d over a year ago. It had a legend on the back of the card and it intrigued me enough for me to look it up. When I discovered I liked the story, I searched for other books that had the same back story. I found not many. (AND THAT’S A GOOD SIGN!)
For February, my inspiration came from some incidences that has been going on in the news. What could be kid worthy in the news? I know you are asking this, but there are things towards kids. Things children and adults need to be aware of and think about before hand. I got my idea going and again researched to see how many other books are out there that have my angle. There is one! That’s all. WOW!
Now I know it’s not March yet, but while writing February’s draft this past weekend, inspiration struck again. A cow was mooing like mad. The funny thing was it sounded like it was warming up to sing. You know, going up and down the scales!!! FUNNY!!!! Needless to say, the cow kept mooing (for at least 5 minutes this way) and I kept getting tickled. Then an idea came. Before I knew it I had an outline done. When I finished my February draft, I started on March’s.

See what I mean about being open? A card, situations, sounds… all of it can lead to a new story for you.

Here’s to finding inspiration this morning!


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