Thinking Thursday

Brain storming for new concepts can be hard! Let’s face it. So how did I come up with a few of my ideas?

Shaping Up the Year
Shaping Up The Year book

I was taking an online class and we had to think of something we come across everyday and how we can incorporate it into a learning experience. Well, it was around a holiday and I kept seeing shapes (basic and not-so-basic). You know squares, circles, rectangles… And then I got the idea of looking at the holidays we have through out the year and BLAM-O! Shaping Up The Year came into focus. I took the shapes and thought how they help us think of either that holiday or something pertaining to it…

New Years’s Eve… The ball that drops and we count down the moment… circle = ball
St. Patrick’s Day… Four-Leaf Clovers… four hearts = clover
Christmas… Presents… Squares = wrapped presents

Now for another one I would like to share, the idea came looking at a publishers book catalog. You use a book catalog to see what the publisher was currently selling and it’s mid and back lists. You would either pick these up at conferences or order them through the mail. Now publishers have them on their web site’s. YAY for the digital age!!!!
I was looking through a catalog of someone I was interested in submitting to and trying to get a feel for what they liked. They had four pages of Alphabet Books. I KID YOU NOT! (Mind you, I think alphabet book have been done and done and redone and done some more. Haha.) While flipping through the pages I saw firemen, butterflies, bikes, cloud jumpers, insects. For some reason I thought, “Hmm, don’t have one on spiders.” WHY, OH WHY, WOULD I THINK OF THAT?!? (Note to readers: I DONOT like spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Well, the idea would not go away. So for the next nine months what did I do? I researched SPIDERS. UGH! Talk about a labor of love. hahahha. You have got to love the mind of a writer. :0) I found my material and spent another six months writing and revising, working with my critique group and with someone in the field of study and finally came up with… (and to be release later this year)



See how crazy ideas can form? From a simple writing exercise to flipping through a catalog to LIFE!

So put on your thinking caps today and make it happen!

Til next time,


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