Marketing Monday…

One thing I am learning is that it is okay to toot your own horn. *yes, finally… It had to soak through all the layers of my thick skull okay*

After being published in 2009 I told a few people the good news. It wasn’t that I wasn’t proud of what I had done. I just felt ackward about tooting that horn of mine. Well buzz forward 3 years and I am still having trouble putting my name out there along with my books. WHY? I don’t know… really. Then my monther-in-law and I came up with a great idea. She is a cake designer. Yep, just like the ones you see on TV, but better. :0D She also bakes cookies. So we came up with Sweet Story Time, where you can purchase 1 dozen sugar cookies and chose 1 of my picture books for $15.00. Not bad, huh! Well, I began posting on FaceBook and we have begun to get some orders in. *\o/* YAY *\o/* But here is the kicker… A friend of mine told me she had been waiting for me to advertise my books.

WAITING ON ME TO ADVERTISE! You know, put my name and my books out there?
Who would of thunk it!
*head + desk = BANG*

It is only common sense. Who else do you think will get out there and promote you better than you. I mean, I HAD to believe in myself enough to put my stories out there for editor after editor to reject it. Right? And I HAD to believe in myself enough not to give up until I finally revised enough and found the perfect fit. Right?   RIGHT!

So, that is my marketing tip for today. Pull out that old horn and start tooting, blowing, honk-honk-honking away! Here’s to your first sale, or your 100th. Now get out there and get going!


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