Tips on a Tuesday

Support each other.

Do you have a favorite author or illustrator? You know what I mean… you will read anything and everything that person put out??? You buy their work, you study it, you get the creepy am-I-stalking-them feeling every now and then… }:0)

Why don’t you write an article about that person or that book or that movie that you so enjoy? Go in depth and get to the heart of “WHY” you like it. Give them a shout out on social media, maybe even turn that article into some questions and approach that particular individual for an interview. *just try not to have the stalker-look going*

People LIKE to know they are appreciated and that their work has touched someone. People like to have an unexpected nod in their direction. And you know what… It comes back to you.

So don’t be afraid to support each other in your works. On top of it all, it’s nice to be reminded that you are not alone.


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