Thinking Thursday

How about a story, with a twist?

Take your favorite story. What would it be? Cinderella? The Three Pigs? The Wizard of Oz? Jack and the Bean Stalk? The Three Bears? Now, write it from a different angle! Or think of the main character in a different time or setting. What would / could happen then?

Cinderella – How about the point of view of one of the step-sisters? How about her loosing her father at a young age? What about the fairy godmother, what kind of training has she had to go through to get to where she is now?

The Three Pigs – What do the towns people think of the mess that is going on? What is the wolf’s motivation? Are we getting the whole story???

The Wizard of Oz – Why is the wicked witch of the east so mean? What happened to the Little People? What did the farmer who made the scarecrow do when his scarecrow disappeared? Did Toto like the roller coaster of a ride in the tornado?

Jack and the Bean Stalk – Can you give the giants perspective? What about the farmer who gave the bean seed away? Was their money in the stalk industry? What about the day the stalk market crashed because Jack chopped it down? *yes, the pun was intended*

The Three Bears – What did the bears do when they left their house? What did they do after Goldie Locks left… Did they install a security system? Enforce a neighborhood watch? Did the other animals notice the crime spree?

On and on you can go. Creating your own twist is making the story yours! And maybe finding that gem in your words that can be cut and polished and become a diamond.



3 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday

  1. Tracey, I love this. It’s like my Piggyback Picture Book class combined with that incredible “What If….?” question. You’re so smart. ; )

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