Marketing Monday

I want to thank everyone for following me and would like to continue on the same lines as I did before. Which means that today is Marketing Monday.

What I am doing is a great tool to market yourself… BLOGGING. Today I would like for you to take part too. :0) A cyberfriend of mine, Marcie Colleen, has an interesting blog ( challenge. So we are at the beginning of READ ACROSS AMERICA week and here’s the kicker. Marcie would like for us to have a food fight. Here are the rules:

1) Rember, I am a kidlit writer…so let’s keep it clean (until we start throwing food, of course). I will write the story up to the moment when a food fight breaks out.

2) From March 4th til March 8th (midnight EST) ~ Comment on as many of the Food Fight stories as possible. Your comment needs to grow the story.

Read the posted story and all of the comments that precede you. Then, post your comment.
Be sure to build on and further the existing story. Your comment should flow. The story should read as if it was written by one person when read from beginning to end.
ALSO, your comment needs to include at least one word of onomatopoeia and one thrown item of food. Your onomatopoeia must be a word that has not been used already in that story, as well. That’s right. Be creative.

3) You can comment more than once on a story, however, you cannot fight with yourself… meaning, you cannot follow one of your own comments…someone else needs to comment before you can comment again. Have fun.

4) Over the weekend (March 9th and 10th) blog owners need to wrap up their story with one last comment. Make sure the ending is satisfying. It should feel like the story is defnitely concluded. Flex those creative writing chops.

5) There will be 2 prizes. One prize will go to the “Most Food Flung”, meaning the person who commented/participated the most. Another prize will be given to the owner of the blog with “Best Story Overall” to be decided on by our judges. Prizes to be announced on March 4th.

See you on the battlefield!  So, without further ado the next post will be the story. I can’t wait to see what you add… Have FUN!


One thought on “Marketing Monday

  1. I’m doing the Chapter Book Challenge this month, I have a picture book to write for 12 X 12 and one to revise from last month, and a new educational publishing assignment (whew!), so I’ll have to skip this, but it sounds like great fun!

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