Marketing Monday… FOOD FIGHT!!!


Zetta stomped into the lunch room, snatched up the nearest tray of food, and marched to her usual seat.

“What is wrong with you?” Karlie asked.

“Everything,” Zetta said. She stared over her shoulder at the teacher’s table. “Ms. Coolit made me look like Tweedle-Dee in front of everyone. Will even laughed at me.”

Karlie glanced around, looking for Will. He was at his table laughing with some friends. “Oh.”

Zetta shook her head. “I have never been so embarrassed. I’m so mad I could throw something.” Zetta looked at her tray… and that is when it happened. Before she knew it she picked up her spork, scooped up a mound of instant mashed potatoes and took aim.

THA-WING! Potatoes went sailing.


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