Thinking Thursday… Brains, brains!!!

No the zombie apocalypse has not happened. You just need to use your brains, brains to come up with some great ideas. Okay, not ALL my ideas are great, but they will all get you going in the right direction.

So, how to use those brains of yours? Think back to when you were a child…

What was your favorite season? Holiday? Color? Smell? Food?

The senses that come a long with those memories are your brains, brains working! Try writing a scene of your favorite hideout. Or the blanket fort you made. Or the castle in the backyard (swingset). The possibilities are endless when we reach inward and pull those memories out and use them.

Then you can build the rest of your story around that scene. Or maybe find out that you didn’t need to include it at all. It was just your jumping off point.

Now, about that moaning, shuffling, drooling you’ve been doing…


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