Monday Marketing… Blogging

I would like to continue talking about blogging today.

By blogging you create more hits on the internet. The more hits, the higher your ranking, the faster your name is listed when searched. The better listing you get the more people will see you & the better marketing you are getting for yourself.

But what to blog? How to blog? When to blog?

What to blog?
Choose something you know & will be comfortable with. Don’t worry about experience. If you have started writing, you have more experience than someone who’s thinking about writing. Finished your first manuscript, you have more experience than someone who’s just started writing. You have submitted a story to a publishing house/agent/magazine, you have more experience than someone who’s just finished writing their first manuscript. And so on. By blogging you already have more experience than someone else out there.
Everyone’s journey is different too. But by reading how others are walking the walk you can gain knowledge as well as encouragement.

How to blog?
That depends on you & what platform you choose to use. Are you going to write it from your prospective? Maybe one of your characters? I have friends who use their animals as their voice. Very cute! Try to come up with your platform on what your blog will be about, then choose how you want to approach it.

When to blog?
Work within your time limits. But try to post at least twice a week. By doing this, it will show you as an active blogger. I know some people who post every day. Others are like me & post two to three times a week. Pick what you are comfortable with & know what you can handle.

The one thing I try to do is make it fun. Remember to think like your reader. Is this something you would want to read? Did you get anything out of it? Was it a total waste of time? Is it funny? Is it informative?
And don’t worry, you’ll get better as you go along too… just like your writing. 🙂


One thought on “Monday Marketing… Blogging

  1. I blogged about once a month. Ever since our platform challenge, I increased it to 2x/month. I have a difficult time trying once a week since I work full time which is just a fraction of my busy schedule. But you are reminding me to strive and try for once a week…baby steps, right? Thanks for the post.

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