Tips on a Tuesday… Highlighting

Here is a great tips I have learned… HIGHILGHTING.
And I’m not talking about your hair either. hahaha.

This is a great tip that I learned eons ago. I can’t remember who shared it with me.

STEP ONE:  Finish your manuscript

STEP TWO:  Get several different colored highlighters (yellow, pink, green, light blue)

STEP THREE:  Go over your manuscript and highlight the different sections. Use a separate color for

  • dialog
  • action
  • transition

STEP FOUR:  Look at the color scheme of your story. Is one color overriding another. Do they look balanced? Also note the white space on your pages. White space can be as effective as your best writing to increase tension and strengthen the plot.


This trick has helped me to make my stories flow better and become stronger.

And maybe some highlights in the hair would be nice too. 😉

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