www.Wednesday – NaPiBoWriWee 2013

NaPiBlog2013LogoToday is the beginning of:    NaPiBoWriWee… WHAT? No, it’s not a new language or pig-latin. It stands for:


Paula Yoo had an inspirational idea back in 2009 to write 7 picture book drafts in seven days. THAT RIGHT… nope, your eyes are not playing tricks on your. Seven stories in seven days. *WHEW* Now we all know your best work will not be done on these, but it is a great challenge to get the creative juices flowing.  You can find the link to her blog here:


There will be blog posts every day and a prize at the end. So are you up for it???

! ! !   I   AM   GAME   ! ! !    I will be doing this challenge along side my 12×12 challenge.  And I’m challenging you to do the same. NaPiBoWriWee runs from May 1st to May 7th. So you have plenty of time to jump on board. Click on the link above or the badge to the side —>>> and join in on the fun.

See you there!