Thinking Thursday… Blog Changes

H i all,
So I have been at this blog thing for awhile now. I have been giving advice and tidbit. I will admit this, I run out of things to say. ***Hush, to all my friends who know me, because I really have. So there. ;0p*** So what is the next best thing? How about getting and giving advice from my colleagues? So with that being said…
I am changing my blog format.  I would like to make a proposal to all of my writers and illustrators friends…

Would you like to appear on my blog?

I have different targets for each day:

  • Monday… Marketing
  • Tuesday… Tips
  • Wednesday… http://www.______ (what web site do you find valuable)
  • Thursday… Thinking
  • Friday… will be reserved for Editor and Agent interviews. Hoping to nab some soon!
Why should you do this? What’s in it for you?? You say. Well, FREE PUBLICITY!!! Who doesn’t like that??? I know I do. :0D   When you do an interview or write an article I will in return include you bio, picture of you and your books (if you have any) and links to your web page, social media links, and book links.
Who am I looking for? Published and unpublished. I want to include everyone and believe that everyone can add something and have a great outlook that I may not see after 13+ years in the business. When do the posts appear? I post on my blog Monday and Wednesday one week, and Tuesday and Thursday the next week.
Please email me if you are interested and what day/topic you would like to post on. I will then contact you. My email is and put the subject line: BLOG INTERESTS so I will not overlook you as spam.
Thanks everyone and I look forward to learning from you!!!!