Thinking Thursday: How To Make Time To Write by: Dani Duck

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I have had people ask me the question – HOW CAN I FIND TIME TO WRITE? HOW DID YOU FIND TIME TO WRITE WITH THREE LITTLE ONES?  Well, my guest poster today, Dani Duck, has some great, helpful information on how you can make the time to write and get on the road to see your dreams come true.

So when DID I find the time???? Here are a few places that worked for me:

  • Naptime
  • Ball practices
  • Wrestling practices
  • EARLY morning
  • Late at night
  • In the doctors offices
  • And anywhere else the opportunity became available

Dani has some great ideas. So read on, take notes and follow through to your goals!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to Make the Time to Write
by: Dani Duck


I have a 2.5 year old and ever since my son David came into my life I’ve not had enough time to do anything. The good thing about having a child is it changed my perspective on a lot of things, and taught me to focus when I did get a bit of time. I’m writing this article for all those people out there who say, “I don’t have the time to write”. WRONG! You do have the time – you’re just not using it correctly.


1. Change Your Way of Thinking


You are wasting your time. I know this because I do it too. Don’t worry about it, just about everyone does. In order for you to stop wasting your time, you have to realize you’re actually wasting (or misusing) your time. You say you have no time to write? You are reading this article instead of writing right now (no, don’t stop reading this now there is more helpful info to come). There are thousands of things we consciously or unconsciously decide to do things other than writing. You do have time to write, you just have to take advantage of the time when it comes!


2. Get Healthy


This might seem completely out of place, but I think it’s necessary! I’ve found, over the years, that even when I’ve had time to work I haven’t wanted to work. Often when I didn’t want to write it was because I didn’t have the energy to write. After having my son my exhaustion just got worse. I found with a better diet and more exercise that I had more energy and more focus when I went to write. Cutting down on sugars/carbs, cutting out processed/fast food, and eating more veggies has helped me a lot. Not all diets work for everyone, but I found those three things helped me the most.


3. Give Something Up


In order to get anything in life you have to give something up. How much of what you do is more important than writing? No one expects you to give up your entire life, but could you spend a night or two away from the family in order to progress your writing career?


Exercise: Choose any day where you will be doing your regular routine. Write down everything you do in one day (the more detailed the better). Be sure to write down the amount of time that everything takes. Read over the list of things at the end of the day. Which of these things were really necessary and which could you have replaced with writing?


4 Write in Bits


You might not always have time to write long passages. When you can’t find a large block of time to write, practice writing in bits. Make it a habit of taking a small notebook with you everywhere. If you only have a couple of minutes jot down the description of a single character, write a few lines of dialogue or summarize a scene. Every paragraph and sentence adds up over time!


5 Find Pockets of Time


Maybe you couldn’t find time to write after you wrote down your regular routine. Maybe you didn’t do the exercise. In either case I’ll list some times where you could add in some writing:


Morning Pages – Write first thing in the morning

Evening – Write in the evening before you go to bed (stay up a bit past your kid’s bedtime and work). Night Time– Keep a notebook by the bed at night if you wake up often. Some dreams are the perfect story starter.

Public Transportation – If J.K. Rowling can do it, then so can you!

Supper – Write while you wait for supper to cook

While You Wait – Be it the waiting room or in the parking lot waiting to pick someone up

Take Breaks – Take a 20 minute break to write any time of the day!


6. Plan Ahead


When you have very little time to write you learn to plan ahead. The more organized or detailed your plan the better. What’s Up Wednesday has helped me immensely with organizing myself. Basically every Wednesday I make up a schedule for what I’m going to write during the week. You can check it out here: If you can write out your schedule do so! You will be more likely to follow through if you write things down. If you don’t write things down, at least try to think about what you should be writing while doing things like brushing your teeth or taking a shower (showers are awesome times for thinking about things).


7. Don’t Give Up


It doesn’t matter how well you schedule or how perfectly you think your writing is going. There will be a time where you have writer’s block. There will also be times when your writing will be interrupted (or you wont even be able to get started). In these times it’s easy to be extremely hard on yourself. Don’t do this! Accept there will be times where you can’t do everything. Just because your schedule is ruined for today, this week, or this month it doesn’t mean that the following days will be the same. Start over and keep moving. You deserve the chance to have your voice heard! Just keep at it and you will reap the benefits.



Dani Duck







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One thought on “Thinking Thursday: How To Make Time To Write by: Dani Duck

  1. Great post, Dani and Tracey. I self-published my children’s book, LUCCI- The No Smoochie Poochie in January 2012, and spent most of last year trying to build my ‘platform’ at the expense of my writing. This Jan., I joined 12×12 AND started getting up early…very early 4 am. I walk 3 miles, then get any social media scheduled and am able to pull at least a couple of hours writing before the house gets up. I crash real early at night, but I write every single day! :0)

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