November 1st… Bring on the CHALLENGE!

Hello everyone.

It is November! Which means two major things for this writer:

  1. National Picture Book Month
  2. PiBoIdMo

I am super excited and PUMPED about this. I have had so many things going on in the past year. *sigh* My writing has suffered. I’ve had to drop one of my critique groups.:( *boohoo* and I’m trying to get caught up with the other one. I have been keeping up with the 12×12 Challenge through it all though. *whew!*

So WHAT exactly does this month mean to me? Well.

    This was started by a group of great picture book writers and/or illustrators! The PICTURE BOOK MONTH WEBSITE is chalked up of information including posts to get you motivated, how you can become an ambassador, an activity page with a TEACHER’S GUIDE!!! , and so very much more. So zip over there and check it out!

    What am I going to be doing this month??? How about posting a vlog review everyday on MY CHILDREN”S BOOK REVIEWS BLOG  a different picture book that I have enjoyed.
    I challenge you to read at least one picture book a day and comment on my Reviews Blog what you’ve been reading! No, I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Ideas Month)…
    Did you read my post from yesterday??? NOOOOOOOOOO?!? Well, go check it out. Go on. I’ll wait….
    Now that you know what PiBoIdMo means you know that I have taken the challenge set by TARA LAZAR and intend to come up with 30 ideas in 30 days.
    Seems like a lot? Well, it is.   :0P   BUT I have some great help…
  • I’m reading TARA’s BLOG for PiBoIdMo
  • I’m following the National Picture Book Month’s blog. (see above link)
  • PLUS I have a few writing promts I’ve saved.
  • AND lets face it, inspiration is everywhere you look. All you have to do is be conscious of your surroundings and situations.

SO, today’s challenge from PiBoIdMo is to come up with at least 5 titles and see if the sparks fly. I accepted that challenge and came up with SIX! Woohoo. One of which I all ready have an outline on for a picture book. I liked it so much that I looked over on Amazon to see what the competition might be, and I liked what I saw. Not much with the angle I’m going for. DOUBLE WOOOHOOOO!


I hope this month turns out to be an inspiring one for each of you. If not writing… life in general.

Happy Writing,


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