PiBoIdMo – November 2 – Variables

Hello everyone.

Today’s post on PiBoIdMo was about variables. Which got me to thinking how awesome the post was! It was actually a math geek’s dream post. to quote:

NoC = C x O
(N)umber (o)f (C)ombinations = (C)haracter X (O)ptions

Um, can you say brilliant! So instead of having 30 ideas, you take your characters times their situation and get 900 variations of what can happen. *SAH-WOON*

To incorporate this into a project for me to do I made a table.  Make two columns and 31 rows. So it will look something like this:


Number of combinations = C x O

(C)haracter X (O)ptions = Number of Story Plots




Take your characters and plug them into column one and your situation/plot and plug them into column two. Then here’s the thing. THEY DON’T HAVE TO MATCH. In fact the more outrageous it seems the better. What kind of storylines can you come up with? Maybe a vampire who wants to go to the beach? Or a turtle who teaches the chicken to cross the road?

When you get done, you don’t have to go straight across for your storyline.  Take character #16 and put them with option #30. You get the picture. I love this variation of how to visualize. You are more the free to use my table idea, if you would like.

Happy writing! I’ve got to go finish filling out my table and see what idea storyline I can come up with today!



10 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo – November 2 – Variables

  1. Thanks Tracey. I’m right there with you. I haven’t blogged in awhile but BiPoIdMo would be a good place to start for motivation-again! Only day 2, but we’ve ‘heard’ so much already. Love that we’re all in this together!
    By the way, congratulations on your new up and coming book!!!!!

  2. Wow! Tracey, I love this template. I was drawing it up in my brain and just making lines. You got it made for us. Thanks. I will share it with the Picture Book folks. OK?

  3. Mona, I’m doing this to keep me accountable. Like I was posting on FaceBook when I was walking. *cough, cough* And who knows, maybe something I write about will click with other writers and they will share too.
    THANKS BUNCHES on the book contract. 🙂 We have been at this a loooong time.

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