November 5/6 – PiBoIdMo – Look & Use Your Heart

Okay, okay. I didn’t get on my laptop yesterday.  *bad, Tracey! Bad!*  So I’m going to combine both of the days today.

Yesterday the post was about looking around you to get your ideas. Which I find greatly rewarding. I tell people this too. But don’t just look with your eyes. Think like a child. What I see and what a 5 year old sees while looking at a yard full of leaves is two totally different things.

  • Yard work
  • Scavenger hunt

By looking at things/situations from a different angle can be refreshing too. I know it has helped me when I’m STRESSED out! hahaha.


Today’s post on TARA LAZAR’S BLOG is about using your heart. I love this because it gives you the freedom for writing with out restrictions. Who cares if it isn’t a suitable picture book idea? Who cares if there are 25 gazillion other books about the same subject? Who cares if no one else cares about the color coordination of your main characters’ underwear drawer? WHO CARES!!! JUST WRITE!!! It does our hearts good to writer, us writers. I know i have many scraps of papers, files, half-way finished stories, and completed stories that will never be “publishable”, BUT they are mine. 🙂


What I got out of both posts is freedom to look and freedom to dream.  Now go catch those shooting stars!

Happy Writing!


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