Nov 7th – PiBoIdMo – Reading other books and writing life experiences

WOW! That is all I can say about today posts from TARA LAZAR’S PiBoIdMo Blog and PICTURE BOOK MONTH Blog.

Both talk about experiencing life and the way it conveys through books. Picture books are aimed for the very young, but because of this older people experience it too. As we read, we are connected to the story. It will pull us back to a place and time. While there, we relive those moments. Some good… some bad. BUT we face these things head on.
It’s good for the child who is listening too. They know they are not alone facing certain things… Bullying, a Death (person or animal), Sickness, Moving, etc.  Then there are the good ones… Becoming a “big” brother or sister, starting school, etc. Each one can connect the child and the world doesn’t have to be so big and scary.

So go read a few good picture books… several times… Read for pleasure, read for content, read for plot, read for hook, and then read for pleasure again.
THEN write from your own experience and let a child know that they aren’t the only ones.

Happy Writing!


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