Nov 8th – PiBoIdMo – Let’s Play

I like the idea of today’s post over on the PiBoIdMo Blog.  The guest blogger suggest us to P-L-A-Y!  You know (or should I say you remember) playing with play-doh, dolls, cars, sticks, legos. Or how about coloring? Who cares if you color everything the right color or stay in the lines?!?

That got me to thinking… What did I like to do when I was young, before I was told what I was doing was childish and should be put away? ***heehee, those of you who know me are thinking… “WHAT? She still acts like a little kid!” I know, I know, but go with me here***

So for today’s worksheet I started writing things I liked to do… whether I still do them or not is NOT relevant. 🙂  I have about 10 things already and I think I have a bit of a story brewing in the back of my mind. Double smilie face! 🙂 🙂

Just like the PiBoIdMo post says, playing helps release the “You shouldn’t be doing that at your age” attitude that we develop as we grow older. So go find some crayons, play with marbles, break out and dust off a board game. HAVE FUN!

Gotta go finish my list now…

Happy Writing!


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