Nov 9th & 10 – PiBoIdMo – Don’t think & Surround yourself with inspiration!

I didn’t get on yesterday to post. So I am catching up today… Two-For-One! WooHoo!

So the posts on the PiBoIdMo Blog this weekend have been about how to approach your writing.

Saturday encourages you not to think too much while you write. WHAAAAA?!? Really, DON’T use your brain. I have found that when I’m trying to write my ‘editor’ will start talking to me…
“You wrote that word wrong.” “That sentence doesn’t flow right.” “That one was a fragment.” “You  aren’t even on the same subject here.” Where did this character/problem come from?” “Are you sure you know what you are doing?” “You know this writing sucks, right.”
Yeah, you get the picture. By the end I’m frustrated and questioning myself and my writing. I get up cranky and not in a very good mood.
SO, DO NOT allow your editor a toe into the situation. I have learned to turn it off or tune it out. When you just let go and write, your creativity will come out. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense! I can say one name… Dr. Seuss. There.   :p   to the ‘editor’ in my head.

Sunday post was about surrounding yourself with inspiration. He said he had a Writing Cave. *sawoon* I would LOOOOOOOOVE to do this. I already have a few things to get started too. 🙂 I have an email I’m very proud of from Eve Bunting, who is someone I hope to be like one day. Several original artwork from my books, a letter from a preschool group, TONS of books too. hmmm, now I need a corner or room. heeheheeee. What better way to get inspired than to remember things that got you to this spot!

And I must say it is the 10th. That means we are 1/3 of the way through PiBoIdMo. I am actually surprised to see what I have accomplished this month when I started tallying things. I have over 40 ideas! WOAH! Of those I have 12 outlines. Of those 12 outlines, I have 3 first drafts written. Wowie-wow-wow! I can’t believe how much this month has challenged me already. I’m not stopping though. I’m going to keep plugging away. I hope you are too.


  • Let me know how you distract yourself to get your creative self going?
  • What would you put in your WRITING CAVE??
  • How is your PiBoIdMo going???

Happy Writing!


One thought on “Nov 9th & 10 – PiBoIdMo – Don’t think & Surround yourself with inspiration!

  1. Well done! You are getting a lot accomplished. 🙂

    My writing room is filled with art, books and bits an pieces from conferences and trips I’ve taken. My husband says when we put our house on the market, I’m going to have to make it look more like a grown up room. 😦

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