Nov 11-15 – PiBoIdMo – One Week Crammed Into One Post

Ok, so my week has gotten away from me to post on me blog! *bad Tracey! no biscuit. :(* Things like this happen. Life gets in the way and things come up. Like doctor visits, and children needing the computer for school, and you get a migraine the size of Texas (or at least that’s the way it feels), and  and and….

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, here is what I have been doing writing wise this week.. OOPs! Didn’t put it in my list above. Fine, pretend I did. HA! Anywho, don’t forget, I’m reading PiBoIdMo Blog and Picture Book Month Blog this month… getting tidbits, inspiration, and hope that there are others out there just as crazy as I am. 🙂    😀     😉     Click on the links above  to go to those websites and see what I’m talking about. Onward ho….

Nov.11 – We were encouraged to think about our stories as ships. You don’t want a rickety, rackety one out on the open seas now do you? NOPE! You want a ship that is seaworthy. One that has been put together with fine craftsmanship, looked over and passed inspection, one that has been tested and found suitable. The same it should be with your writing.
I remember when I first started writing. I thought my work was FAB! That no one would turn it down. In fact I would have several editors bid-warring over me. I just knew it. Well as Gomer would say, “SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!” *hang head low, hang head low, hang head low*  Yeah, I got a bid-war going alright. To see who could send a rejection back faster. Then I had an editor tell me that I had potential. *picks head up* WAHHHH?!? She told me what I was doing wrong, which was doing the illustrators job, and to get a critique group and begin to get my word count under control. I listened. I worked on my craft, I tried it out with my critique group, I got it better and better, and sent it back out ready to sail the treacherous waters of the slush pile.
There’s a lot of behind the wall work that many don’t know about. I sure didn’t when I started, but that is how we learn, and how we get better.

Nov. 12 – Tuesday’s blogger talked about my favorite thing to do when I should be writing… PRO-CRAS-TINA-TION!  *cue the heavenly sounds* Only her suggestion actually could help get the creative juices going. She suggested to doodle! Which is so fun to do. Go a head, I know you want to right now. I’ll wait…
Ok, feel better? 🙂  Now what can a doodle do with writing? A lot really. I’ve tried this several times. I’ve come up with a camel, a slide, a hot mess, all kinds of things. The fact that you are letting your mind loose helps get it into a better mode to write. Have I come up with a story line yet doing this? No, not YET. BUUUUUUUT I have had a few characters or scenes make their way into my stories from doing this.
So grab a paper and pencil and make a scribble OR put some dots on the page randomly and connect them. Turn the page all different directions and see if you notice something new.
Have fun!

Nov. 13 – Jane Yolen, yes THE Jane Yolen, was the blogger on Wednesday. How lovely!!!! Yes, I’m a fan and I did my ‘fan girl’ scream when I saw her post.   :p   She said to write the story, no matter what. Do what you want. Write what you want. And don’t care what anyone else thinks. WOW! She shared an inspirational story of hers about the war and the statue of an angel she saw on a building. She wrote the story and didn’t care how long it was or that the content may be a little too old for picture books. She believed in her story. She made it work!
You really never do know where inspiration will strike. She is one who has walked the walked and talked the talked.
Believe in yourself and your work. No. Matter. What!

Nov. 14 – Add a little bling-bling to your characters. Thursdays blogger had me smiling and laughing and thinking! By adding accessories to our characters we make them more rounded. Sometimes they go into a different direction than what we think of them too. WOW!!! Definitely got me thinking here!!!
WHERE’S MY PAPER AND PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, I’m on the laptop… file, new doc, and type…

Nov. 15 – WHEW! LONG post but we made it!!!!!!!!!! And what a great post today was. He talked about *gulp, whispers* writer’s block. *dum dum DUMMMMMMM!* Scary, ain’t it? But all writers have it at one time or the other. The blogger gave some excellent questions to ask to get over the hurdle and get back on the writing horse again. I’m saving them for me and the next time I begin to stare at the wall, get the blank stare, and start drooling.   😉


And we are done and caught up. Woo hoo. Now to get my files opened up and get to posting some ideas I’ve had even while writing this!

Happy Writing!


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