Resolution Smesolution! :p

Well here we are,

~!~ 2014 ~!~ 

I brought in the new year surrounded by family and friends. My high school sweet heart by my side, giving me a sweet kiss to bring in the next 365 days.
One thing I don’t like to do is ‘Re-sol-ut-ions’. WHY? I really had to think about this today as I saw many of my friends posting and blogging about them. Then it hit me…

“resolution (ˌrɛzəˈluːʃən)
1. the act or an instance of resolving
2. the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination
3. something resolved or determined; decision”

Resolutions are a rut! Yep, I said it. It is something you have tried (at least once) and failed at. Why start a brand new year… A BRAND NEW START… with your failures???

So today I say SMESOLUTION TO THE RESOLUTIONS!    😛   <– with a big raspberry to seal the deal!
I’m looking forward to this year and building on my accomplishments, setting goals (big and small), and looking ahead to what all 2014 can hold.


  1. 3 Book acceptances
  2. Seeing Son#1 get the job of his dreams… CHEF
  3. Seeing Son#2 take a big step in his future and graduate… U.S. ARMY COMBAT ENGINEER
  4. Seeing Son#3 move to a new school and BLOSSOM
  5. Learning new things (I know how to dress open wounds, take bp, and deal out meds really good now!)
  6. Setting up a marketing group on FaceBook
  7. Getting sponsorship for Books Love & Taters Book Festival
  8. Finding my DAD and SIBLINGS!!!

And that is off of the top of my head. When I focus on the positive… WOW! I have had an awesome year!!! 😀 One full of joys and breath taking events. Some that most people won’t ever get to witness or feel. Yes, I’m blessed.

I’m not going to focus on the negative. I’m looking forward from now on. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

S   t   r   e   t   c   h     yourself!

See what you can do. You just might surprise yourself.
See you soon…



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