Thinking Thursday… PUSH yourself. Go ahead. DO IT!

That’s right. I’m on the sidelines over here. Yelling at you to do something this year! What? Do I HAVE to get pom-poms or something to motivate you??????? Trust me. I’m not getting into a cheerleadering uniform. HA!

I’m pushing myself. Yep, I am. I use to be pretty good at drawing. BUT I let it fade. I still love to doodle, but am not consistent with my work. So what am I going to do about it? Well I’ve joined Alison Hertz’s FaceBook group… DOODLE DAY. This group has drawing prompts to keep you going, honing in on your craft, and sharing your work for others to see. I have some art books, some new pencils, and a new sketch book too! HA! NOW I have to proceed forward.   😉

I’m also pushing myself more on MARKETING! GAH!!!!! I said the dreaded “M” word!!!!! *da-dum-DUMMMMMMMMM*    But learning how to get a following on my blog… on FaceBook… on Twitter.. on Instagram… on GoodReads (YES, they all are important) will push my platform further and my name will be better known.  I had started Marketing Monday quite a while ago now, but it doesn’t seem to have become what I want it to. I am planning on using that platform better this year. To help myself and you out.

Let me know how YOU plan to  “PUSH 2014”  into the best year ever!!! Pick up a pom-pom  */* and leave me a comment!
See you soon,



2 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday… PUSH yourself. Go ahead. DO IT!

  1. New pencils! New sketchbook! Those are magic words to me. I draw like a 3 year old, and LOVE it. A few years ago, I resolved to draw a picture every day. It was SO much fun. It turned into a sort of picture-diary (drawn by a 3 year old). Good luck.

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