Thinking Thursday… Think About Paying It Forward To Our Authors

Hey everyone.

Today I thought I would write a post as a reader instead of a writer.  How can you show support for an author you like? You know, without having to go all stalker on them? Here are a few things I already do and a few things I plan on doing more of:

  1. Are they multi-published? Buy their other books.
  2. Really liked a book? Buy the same book and give to a friend or family member, or donate a book to your local library, shelter, doctor office, etc.  Books make great presents!
  3. Write a review of the book on Amazon &/or GoodReads.
  4. Share your review on FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Write a real letter to the author. *They REALLY appreciate fan mail* (you can always mail the letter to the author c/o the publisher)
  6. LIKE their author page on FaceBook and ask your FB friends to do the same.
  7. Follow them on Twitter.
  8. Take a picture of you reading their book. Or your children if  it is  a children’s book. Post it to your FB wall and theirs. Author like to see the ‘in-action shots’ of their books!
  9. Write a post about the author &/or the book on FaceBook.
  10. Tweet about the author &/or book on Twitter.
  11. If they are school aged genre, tell your school about them. Your media specialist is always on the look out for a new book or author they might have not heard of. **ahem, donate a book to your local school**

Leave me a comment to make suggestions. Can’t wait to see what all YOU do to show an author some love.   🙂   Lets make this a year where we let our authors know how much we enjoy their work!

Happy reading!

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