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Yes, I know I have wrote about ^^^^^^ before. I think if it is important, it bears repeating. So let me say it again. The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators is the bomb! It’s membership is invaluable and one of those ‘must-have’ things on my list.

For those of you just starting out or have not heard…

  • SCBWI is a world-wide organization. It is broken down into different regions. Each region has it’s own RA *regional advisor(s)*. They have Local Liaisons to break it down further into the communities.
  • There are two National Conferences. One in New York and one in California. These are H-U-G-E. I haven’t been, but I’ve seen pictures. MASSIVE!  Most regions will have conferences too. I’m in Southern Breeze, which covers Georgia, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida. We have two Regional Conferences also. They might be smaller, but they are packed full of information, helpful people, agents, and editors.
  • SCBWI sends out newletters to help keep you abreast of the publishing industry (which changes rapidly), share happy news, and let’s you know about contests, new houses, and more.
  • SCBWI know hosts Verla Kay’s BLUE BOARD, which is a forum where authors, illustrators, agents, and editors post on various subjects. It is another one of my invaluable tools that I have use and continue to use in the 14 years I’ve been writing.

Membership is an annual fee, but think of it as an investment in your writing, your future.

Happy writing,


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