Thinking Thursday: Platform Building

As a writer, I know you have heard this…

“You need to have a platform.”

But what is a platform?           How do I get one?           What do I do with it?

Well, I attended Katie Davis‘ Lunch ‘n Learn yesterday and she broke it down so even I understood it…

Platform equals Communication with Transparency.
Communication equals Loyalty.
Loyalty equals Fans.

Wow! Thanks Katie!!! I think as writers we have to come across to our audience as real as possible. Yes, we are human… We make mistakes, we hurt, we laugh, we cry, we want to throw our hands up and go screaming down the street!  But we have a lot to offer to… advice, tips, and a shoulder to lean on.   🙂

In a way I think illustrators have an easier job. They have drawings and illustrations that people can see. This helps build their platform.
So let’s think about: Comedians. They  have “a look” and “a style” they use.   Actors. The have a “genre” they are famous for and while their “look” may change, you know it’s them. How can we incorporate that into our platform?

Image courtesy of Andy Newson /

Image courtesy of Andy Newson /

  • Blog about your experience. NO TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. Tell us how you see it.
  • Social Media. I am spread out across the internet. FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Get yourself out there.
  • Website.  Yes, I had one BEFORE I was published. Agents and Editors will go looking for you. People who like you will hopefully give you some “LINKY LOVE” when they talk about you.
  • Videos… I am working on videoing my children’s book reviews. You can give presentations, how-tos, etc. Videos get more exposure on searches too! Videos don’t have to feature you either. If you are camera shy you can always video a powerpoint. No you to see.    😉
  • Reviews… Books, people, web sites… Tie it in to you!

All this will give you a platform. IE: SOMETHING TO STAND FOR!

You know like Super Man…

Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom /

Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom /

EVERYONE knows he stands for Truth & Justice.

LET ME KNOW how you are building your platform! Or how you plan on building it.

Happy Writing!

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10 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday: Platform Building

  1. Still building mine. I think it’s a fluid thing. I’m learning who I am as a writer and as a person and what types of things I can offer others. It’s about being creative while being yourself. Your total whole self. Hide nothing. It’s all part of YOU. I just discovered feedburner in blogspot. I have 416 followers via Google Friend Connect, and feedburner said I had 73 subscribers via e-mail. Nice! I’m actually thinking of switching to mailchimp. Can’t wait to dig in and find more out about that. See you around!

  2. I’m in transition from writing/editing nonfiction “for hire” to writing fiction and creative nonfiction for kids and fiction for adults, so my website/blog is in flux. My static pages still show my past work, but my blogs (under my name and also the Dogpatch Writers Collective) talk about what I’m doing now. I’m still trying to figure out how best to use Twitter, and I just have a personal FB page, although I post under the DogpatchWritersCollective FB page. It seems overwhelming at times.

  3. For now, my blog content is more of a personal journal until I have different content specific to my book launch, school visits etc. As Jilanne said, using social media can be overwhelming. If part of a platform is a website that tells about a writer as a person so others can find them if they choose, many of us have that. Linking from Pinterest, Facebook, etc is a way to integrate our different parts. I think your work will determine whether or not you get a following or fans but agree you have to get your work and image ”out there” and that’s publicity. And networking. I bet the people who organize contests, provide reviews, give aways, training etc, get a love of love, er, traffic. Love the idea about linking videos!

  4. Overwhelming is the RIGHT word.
    I am learning how to incorporate Twitter & Google+. I think I have a little handle on FaceBook and my blog. I’m diving into Pinterest too. GAH!
    My last “Monday Marketing” was on Twitter. I gave a link to Debbie Ohi’s site where she give some excellent advice on Twitter.
    I’m learning to take it in shifts. I work a little on each one every morning and it seems to be working for me.
    Good luck!

  5. Thanks. Gotta like the LINKY LOVE! hahaha.
    I’ve got links to all my social media on my website to link. Plus when I post on my blog it goes to Twitter & FaceBook. Wish I could figure out how to get it on Google+ automatically, but haven’t figured that out yet. So I’m manually posting there.
    Lots to learn and lots to do. But I think once I get a handle on things, I will get into a rhythm, like I do with my blog posts. 🙂

  6. Amanda,
    Me toooooo. Hoping to get my overall search up. *there’s another Tracey Cox who is an author… for adults. sigh*
    I think I’ll get better the more I involve myself in the process.
    Learning Pinterest right now. GOSH!
    Next will be Twitter better… although I already wrote a post on it. :/ Put the cart before the horse on that one.

  7. Great post, Tracy. I’ve been building a platform by consistently blogging, and more recently, working with Elaine Kearns to build Kidlit411. Providing useful information to others is a great way to build a platform.

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