Monday Marketing… Pinterest… Just Pin It!



By now, I’m sure most (if not all) of you have heard about Pinterest.

Have you thought about using it for MARKETING though?  Pinterest has expanded F-A-S-T! It is being pulled faster and quicker  by search engines because of the size and the “meta tags” that go on in the background. *you don’t even know they are there, but they are* Meta Tags are what signals to search engines!  🙂  Google, Yahoo, Bing, whatever you use… all search engines will pull up a Pinterest board.

So, how can you turn this into MARKETING and PLATFORM BUILDING?

  • Think about reciprocity… are there boards you can create where you can give a nod to other people in your field?
  • Think about information… are there boards you can create where you give information that you found useful?
  • Think about marketing… are there boards you can create where you feature what you do? Books? Cakes? Crafts? Jewelry?
  • Think about fun… are there hobbies that you enjoy? Things that interests you, even if they are not related to your marketing?

There are tons of ways to connect with people. BUT just like other social medias. DO NOT make it as a sound board to say BUY ME… or  LOOK AT ME… or HEY DID I MENTION ME? ME? ME! Make your boards interesting and fun who knew you liked silly socks or had a sock-monkey collection. What about crazy colorings or match-box cars? How about celebrating your home town or where you live now?
By making it interesting (Marketing & Personal), you will draw in pinners and bring your marketing and platform to the forefront of valuable search time.

Next week I will have some great tips about PINTEREST that I have found interesting. So go ‘pin’ something!

Let me know what you think about PINTEREST and if you can think of any other great ways to use this social media to your best interest!

Happy writing,


16 thoughts on “Monday Marketing… Pinterest… Just Pin It!

  1. I love Pinterest and have found it a great place for inspiration. I never thought to use it as an actual marketing tool (silly ol’ me) Thank you for a great post. Happy creating. T.

  2. Amanda,
    That is what I have been doing with each of my books! 🙂
    I have been pinning crafts, cakes, cookies, and any other cute thing with it to make it more interactive.

  3. Tanja,
    I’m still learning. Then again, do we ever stop? 🙂
    I’m trying to make my boards fun and interactive with things to do.I also use it for fun things and learning tool.
    I like the universal appeal Pinterest has. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical starting on another social media, but I really like it!

  4. Hi Lynn.

    I always try to give a new tool a good week or two to really try it out. It is different and the layout seemed odd to me at first. Now I’m use to it and believe I am making headway with it.
    I think the main thing is to find what works for you. Use them all sparingly, but find the ones the fit into your style and have fun.

  5. Copyright can still a big issue. I try to make sure all the links still work with the picture. I also make sure I have put a link when I do an ‘original’ pin. It’s a little time consuming at first, but you would want the same for you and now it’s just habit.
    Have fun.

  6. Hi Saba,

    It is all overwhelming. Isn’t it? I started out a little bit at a time exploring different things. Got a few great ideas from various boards and pinners and incorporated it into mine.
    Good luck!

  7. Deb,
    That is what I have done for my book boards. I use a sneak peek inside & cover art to start with. I also have boards that I’ve pinned advice, research, my favorite authors & illustrators, & a ton more.
    Glad you liked my post. 🙂

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