Tuesday Tips: 5 Pinteresting Tips

Hello all.

I’m diving deeper today in PLATFORM BUILDING and taking a hard look at Pinterest.

Are you on there? Are you pinning on a regular basis? No, you don’t have to everyday, but make sure you visit and pin something at least a few times a week… Think of a new board to create or find new pictures or articles to pin to existing boards.
By doing this, you will bring yourself back to the front of the line for your followers and create interest in what you are doing.

I’ve created a pdf that you can download and print of 5 Pinteresting Tips to help you get started and feel comfortable getting some boards and pins going.

5 Pinterest Tips

Don’t forget to look me up while you are on Pinterest:   http://www.pinterest.com/traceymcox/ .

LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Let me know if you like my tips or if you have any others that you would like to add. Or if you have any questions.

Happy writing!